Camel Safari: Arabian Landscapes & Night Desert

This is part of the top-rated holiday destinations for camel safaris and more than a million people visit the UAE every year to enjoy the incredible camel safari experience. 

The world-famous Emirates Island offers some of the best adventures where you can enjoy the most unique Arabian landscapes, enjoy night desert safaris, and much more. 

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If you are planning to go on an exciting trip with your loved ones then it is recommended that you go on one of these amazing family trips. It includes not just enjoying all the main destinations but also some other little places like the iconic Burj Khalifa and many others. 

Here in this article, we have mentioned the details about what they should know before going on such a great family trip. So, let us start off by sharing our review.

Dubai Camel Safari Highlights & Features

Dubai is known as the land of glamour and the place has become the base for various tourists visiting the country. That's why most travelers prefer to select their flight or travel through the UAE. 

You will have ample time and the freedom to explore the beautiful places from here. It is the best time to choose the perfect destination for a wonderful vacation. There are plenty of choices in terms of fun destinations and things to do during your stay. 

It depends upon your interest and interests. You can enjoy everything from the city view, and whale watching along with the camel safari to waterfalls. Dubai offers several activities to keep your family engaged and happy.

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You will get plenty of options about the hotels you can choose from them to visit here. For example, if you are looking for the ultimate comfort, then you need to choose from a hotel of the highest standards. 

On the other hand, if you want something different and fancy, you can opt for the Luxury Hotel which is located near the luxurious beaches and shopping malls of Downtown Dubai. They offer several facilities to give your families a memorable stay.

They'll have enough room for your children and your family members to spend the day together. You can make plans according to your convenience, taste, and budget. You can book it here. To start planning and managing your trip, you can check out this complete guide. 

You can choose any travel agency in charge of your tour in order to make the right decisions for your journey. Apart from that, you can request any questions regarding the entire family trip and make it even easier for you to plan everything. After booking your tour you can pay for the services.

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Dubai Camel Safari FAQs

1) How long does the trip duration for the Dubai camper safari? 

In the case of Dubai, it takes a maximum of 12 hours. Usually, the camper safari starts around 3-4 hours and lasts for 1-2 days depending upon the conditions of weather and other factors present during the voyage.  

2) What is your preferred mode of transport? 

Preferred mode of transportation is Car

3) How much food and drinks are included in the Dubai camper safari? 

Yes, they include the drinks as well. But, they limit the number of guests and passengers in total. They suggest you buy the tickets in advance so you can enjoy many delicious delights. 

Moreover, there are more than 4,000 accommodation providers in the major airports. These include the resorts like Resorts Al Quoz, The Ritz hotel, Sheraton hotel, Four Seasons Hotel of Dubai, One Ski Resort Hotel, etc.

4) Are there any special offers to expect? 

No, there isn't any particular plan for these holidays. However, the price range for your tickets has started from 1000 AED.

5) Is the ticket required or optional? Why? 

Tickets are required, only for international visitors and local residents.

6) Do I have to provide my own transportation for the Dubai camper safari? 

There are two modes of transportation available here that the locals use. First is By Train. The second one is By plane. As per rules, the airline company provides both types of options. 

If you are traveling by road, then you have to go to the airport to board the train. However, if you want to go inside the city then you can use the commercial taxi service. Apart from that, you can use other means of public transportation like buses, buses, etc.

7) Can I fly directly to Dubai without flying with my husband/wife? 

Yes, you can fly direct to the airport as well. They provided lots of ways to reach the city. 

8) Does the resort provide bike access? 

Yes, they provide bikes for tours. They provide bicycles for local residents. 

9) Who drives and arranges the car hire for the Dubai camper safari? 

It all depends on the individuals as well as the government. However, in the case of UAE and other countries, the drivers are usually hired by the agencies for providing the essential things. Also, tourist companies often arrange cabins.

10) How comfortable and clean is the place? 

All facilities are provided at each resort as per the requirements. They have a cleaner team also. Their cleaning staff is really professional and trained professionals.

11) What happens during sleep & early wake time? 

During the sleeping time, no noise & disturbance is allowed and the area is kept quiet through soundproofing. As for the early wake time and light-up time, they allow the lights to burn. They have many souvenirs to sell and other materials like games, flowers, etc to bring along.

12) Will the tour cost me extra for dining? 

Yes, eating food and drinks are extra charges. Also, the meals and snacks, which are different, are also included in the price.

13 Does the camper tour have any additional features for kids or infants? 

No, the parents can leave their babies and children at the home at the camp.

14) Can I eat while traveling? 

Yes and no, it will depend on your preference. Since camper travel is mainly for men. Since it consists of walking and backpacking. So, it doesn't mean that travelers are restricted to having only their meals on the way.

15) Where is the toilet for the camper holiday? 

For those, you have to use the toilets around the camps. Otherwise, they have a huge amount of toilets. On the beach. Or on the sea.

16) Can I stay overnight in the hotel?

Of course. Most of the hotels have high-level facilities and amenities. From the suites, bathroom, and facilities, you can keep your friends near you.

17) Are there any discounts available when I book the hotel through BookMyTrip? 

Yes, they have such deals that can be used for improving the occupancy rate.

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Can you ride a camel in Dubai?

Yes Ofcourse! Without riding a camel in Dubai is just like you lose some exciting adventure so you can ride a camel to gain an unforgettable memory.

Is riding a camel uncomfortable?

May or may not! It only depends on age, the health of humans, and the time of the ride. If you have in good health it may not cause any uncomfortable with more than a 1-hour ride. If someone has not in good health and has also aged more than 40 years and rides more than 30 min can cause some damages

What do you wear on a camel ride?

There is no special dress for riding a camel but as we know that camel has a furr on it and Dubai weather is hot in summer so to prevent yourself wear pants to cover up, long pants are best as the gentle rocking back and forth and side to side will cause your pants to creep up.


If you are planning trip to Arabian countries then you should visit Camel Safari. i hoper this blog help you in so many things. if you have any suggestions or any questions in your mind you can ask them in comments.

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