Solo females travel : Buenos Aires, Santiago, and La Paz

What should you do when you are in college and looking for some "adult content"? As I was reading about our own trip to Argentina and the top three cities on my list were Buenos Aires, Santiago, and La Paz. I thought that maybe it would be better to search for them on Google Maps so I typed both of those cities into Google Maps and there was only one that matched me and then the others were not even close. 

Now, this might sound a bit strange but I realized that I could look them up through other sources as well, and maybe they would open up new destinations. For example, the US has an amazing website/app called Lonely Planet to find travel deals. 

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Even though I'm not searching specifically by location or anything for that matter, I am still able to see what is available in my area based on their location. Also, if you know where the best deal would be, always go for it I've found.

Us, we went to El Palate with a group of friends. We started from somewhere in the middle of Buenos Aires and drove around until our car broke down. Then we were stuck and had no choice but to walk to the nearest place for dinner and a few drinks. 

The pizza place was more expensive than we expected. We were very lucky because we didn't have any money left. I just went up and ordered a drink and we talked more about how excited we were to finally get home and just wanted to stay for a day or two.

Once they were gone, all five of us piled into our cars and headed back. Our last destination in El Palate was La Resolute, which is also known as La Parra de la Recollar, which means "The Hill of Kings" or "The House of God". It's also part of Argentina during winter so it's completely covered in a snowstorm no less. After dinner a couple of times, we found ourselves at another bar. There we met the most beautiful woman we'd seen so far. She wasn't older than us and she certainly looked like she was going somewhere in life herself.

On our way home we stopped at some spots to admire the scenery. Some of these areas include El Tigre that is where you can stand and observe the breathtaking views of the mountains in front of us, where there is nothing else there but hills.

 Another attraction was the San Cristobal Mountain, which was a little bit closer to the city of Ciudad Perú than the city of Buenos Aires. After driving for a while as the weather became cold, we decided to head over to Santa Rosa del Monte because of its beautiful landscape and scenery. From there we went onto the road we were on and eventually arrived at our hotel.

Our first day was pretty good. We went to visit the museums, shopping, visited landmarks, and even went to the beach. My favorite spot to hang out was the museum of the Argentinean cinema where we had lunch with people there. 

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During our second week, we visited El Sordo and walked along the canal with one other friend in tow. On our third Friday, we visited the cathedral for its architecture and the famous artist Diego Rivera and his paintings. We later went to visit the San Martín church and even had time to watch an episode of the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, which was now a lot more accurate.

Our final night was actually good by the way. We ended up sleeping under a bridge from a building we didn't want to climb down. When we got back to the hotel room we were tired and were ready for bed. That's also how we ended our wonderful short-lived vacations.

My goal in 2020 was to make traveling more exciting by trying different things and seeing many different parts of the world. So I did a lot of traveling alone through South America and Europe which I still have time to explore more in the future. 

By staying away from my phone and using social media instead of scrolling and searching, I have been able to meet people with whom I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. This isn't just an excuse to stop scrolling. If I could try to travel more often, I would love to go back in person again because being so isolated in your own country can really affect your mental health. 

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That is why being able to travel without being super focused on sightseeing, meeting lots of other travelers, or needing to leave all your luggage and just getting ready for whatever comes next is just what you need. And if I'd been in college that would've been perfect too. But I think my plan for 2021 would've been to travel mostly to countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia first.

I hope to share my adventures with everyone as much as possible because traveling isn't just something fun. It is such a great experience that allows you to enjoy yourself in different parts of their culture and people. Of course, travel doesn't always mean just taking your suitcase on a plane. 

It's about appreciating the moments, learning something new, and hearing new perspectives in an entirely new environment. To achieve this I would just want to take my camera out of my bag and take photos as often as possible and use those photos to document the experience I would've had.

Because what has not changed with traveling is going out there and not doing what everything else is doing or saying. Always remember to appreciate what you have as well as what you don't have.


Can girls go on a solo trip?

Why not! Girls can go for a solo trip. It's not easy for a girl to go on a solo but as we know every journey starts with some difficulty so it's a great pleasure for our world and community to promote and work on girls' solo trips.

Which is the safest city in the world for females?

It is a great pleasure to write that there are a lot of counties where solo females can freely travel. these countries include Saudi Arabia, London, Qatar, Turkey, and UAE.


I hope now you get all the required information for safe solo female travel. We will keep posting new amazing articles so keep reading blogs at Sundown Adventure.

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