Downtown Chicago: Stunning Tourist spots

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Many people consider visiting these areas as their “best neighborhoods,” but they weren’t always so kind toward them. Here’s why this might be a better option for you.

Boulevard Northside

Boulevard Northside is located on the north side of North Michigan Avenue in front of our hotel in Bridgeport. This area has such wonderful history and sights. We visited Boulevard Northside several times in 2018 and found really fun spots to visit.

If you’re looking to go somewhere new for work that looks fresh and exciting, StreetNorth is just what you need to reach a new location and maybe even stay there for a few days for free. At night, grab something delicious from the local markets like Boeschke (the best cheese shop) in the Loop neighborhood, check out the trendy strip on Washington, Roosevelt, and Michigan Avenue, and enjoy the live music at Blackbird Lounge inside Starell Hotel.

Most importantly, while eating here, it is important to mention that you should probably order something from Brandy’s since it is one of the most popular spots in Chicago. Lastly, Boulevard Northside offers affordable prices and great deals on food.

Boulevard Southside

Boulevard Southside is about 3 miles along Washington, Roosevelt, and Michigan Ave (with Broadway between them) which could probably double as the busiest street in town. However, this area doesn’t have enough stores to make up for the busyness. 

Nevertheless, visitors can find restaurants such as Loyola by Dominos, Ristorante Sardo in Lincoln Heights, and Chubby Chicken at East Grand Boulevard and Broadway. Another interesting spot you can check out is Schroders Bar & Grill near Halcyon and Wacker. While this place might not be expensive in terms of food, it definitely isn’t cheap. 

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You can find a lot of good beer, cocktails, ice cream sandwiches, pasta, and even some snacks. In addition to this bar, you can also find things like coffee and baked goods at the old-school store in the Circle Lake market.

From there, head west across Michigan Avenue and find more shops like Home Goods in Lincoln Heights and Casa Bonita Bakery in Chinatown. When visiting Downtown, you definitely want to check the famous City Hall and the main lobby because they both look stunning.


Chinatown is another huge area of the South Side, but the difference here is actually quite smaller. This area is made for small shops and businesses. It is extremely nice to get into certain communities because you can easily see a beautiful little slice of America. 

Also, Chinatown seems to be home to some cool hipster places, so you can see how much of a change of pace the space is. It is a very diverse place full of culture and events. One thing you can do is check out the original Chinese restaurant by the same name where Harry Chandler was born, then wander down to Liqin Plaza to meet the family of Harry and Sally Liu in the original building.


Cafe and retail shopping are two totally separate entities, but Cafe is a massive part of south side life. In addition to being located right in the center of the streets of Bridgeport, Café is known for having big windows to keep the sun out, making sure the ambiance in the cafe is pleasant and cozy.

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Also, Cafe makes coffee, tea, smoothies, and pastries. Since many tourists come to Bridgeport to hang out with fellow travelers, Café is one of the reasons to stick around.

Prairie Park

Prairie Park is located just outside the border of Chicago. The park has a plethora of lovely green parks right next to it. But none of those are nearly as stunning as Prairie Park. People might think that it is too large, but most of the green spaces are smaller than the ones located in Chicago. Plus, they are often surrounded by huge trees. 

No wonder this area gets lots of tourists every year. On top of that, prairie park is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in Midwestern Illinois where nature is abundant and you will likely spend hours exploring the parks, seeing animals, and enjoying the views.

Skypointe Point

If you’re going up to Point Eau Claire or anywhere else near it, you should definitely stop and check out this point at the southern end of the island. Skypointe Point is a gorgeous neighborhood full of beautiful views from almost any angle. You can visit this place and take a cruise to see everything surrounding it. 

In fact, when we visited Minnesota Point Eau Claire, we had to drive back due to poor road conditions, so we visited Point Eau Claire and enjoyed the view and had a cup of hot tea at the beach (which in hindsight was a bit unnecessary but hey! We were happy). So yeah, pointe is a beautiful place to relax and admire the natural beauty of the landscape.

If you like going out in the morning and finding yourself in a beautiful city, Lincoln Park is the perfect place for that. Not only does Lincoln Park have beautiful greenery all around the park, but it actually feels relaxing and calming too. Though it’s a very modern park that doesn’t offer the charm of its older counterpart, Lincoln Park is a very unique space.

It’s also close to Lake Michigan, making it the ideal spot for fishing (if you are lucky enough to catch a fish). Just check out the old school playground and try to imagine yourself getting lost in the woods and playing the game of tag.

Other attractions include walking through Centerville High School’s courtyard, reading a copy of George Gissing’s novel Good Times, and checking out the historic library.

Michigan Center

Michigan Center is a very beautiful place to visit in Michigan. It is a mix of commercial and entertainment areas. If you’re looking for something entirely different, then move away and check out this place.

Even though it’s still pretty small compared to some of the larger cities in the U.S., there are plenty of fantastic attractions for everyone to enjoy. Check out the American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Art Institute of Chicago, etc. 

You’ll definitely get your dose of culture and the feel of midwestern beauty here. Of course, if you plan to stay for a few nights, there is always nearby the iconic Pike Place Market. 


What is downtown Chicago known for?

Downtown Chicago is known for Tall Buildings, Bridges, Dynamic Architecture, and some Urban vibes.

Is Chicago worth visiting right now?

Yes of course! Chicago is safe and secure for tourism and also has a lot of amazing and exciting things to offer.


If your looking for a stunning tourist spot then this blog is for you. I hope this blog helps you a lot and if you have any questions or suggestion in your mind you can ask them in comments.

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