What To Wear And Pack For Iceland: Ultimate Packing List

Are you planning a trip to Iceland? what to bring and what to wear? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with the ultimate packing list for your Icelandic adventure!

From what clothes to bring, to the essential items you should always have on hand, get ready for your journey with this comprehensive guide.

Introduction to Iceland

Introducing Iceland, a land of fire and ice. With its stunningly beautiful nature and its unique culture, Iceland is a place like no other. And while it may be small, there's plenty to see and do here.

When planning your trip to Iceland, one of the first things you'll need to think about is what to wear and pack. The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable, so it's essential to be prepared for all eventualities.

In this blog post, we'll give you a rundown of what to pack for your trip to Iceland, including both clothing and essential items.

We'll also provide some helpful tips on how to dress for the various activities you might want to enjoy while you're here.

So whether you're planning a hike through the country's stunning landscapes or a night out in Reykjavik, read on for everything you need to know about packing for Iceland!

Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate

The weather in Iceland is notoriously unpredictable, so it's important to pack accordingly. want to be prepared for both warm and cold weather. a light rain jacket or windbreaker is also essential, as you'll likely encounter some rain or wind at some point during your trip.

As for what to wear, comfortable walking shoes are a must, as you'll be exploring. Jeans or leggings are also a good option, as they can be layered with tights or thermal underwear if necessary.

A sweater or two is also recommended, as the evenings can get chilly. And last but not least, remember a hat and scarf - they'll come in handy when the winds pick up!

Clothing for Daytime and Evening Wear

Clothing for Daytime and Evening Wear

Assuming you'll be spending most of your time outdoors during the day, you'll want to pack light, comfortable clothing that can be layered. 

A good pair of jeans or leggings, a sweater, and a waterproof jacket should suffice for daytime wear. For evenings, you might want to pack a nicer top or dress to change into for dinner or drinks. 

In general, Iceland is a casual country, so there's no need to overpack with formal clothes.

Accessories: Hats, Gloves, Scarves, and More

Hats, Gloves, Scarves
In addition to your regular wardrobe staples, you'll want to pack some key accessories to stay warm and stylish during your trip to Iceland. Hats, gloves, and scarves are essential for keeping cozy in cooler temperatures. 

You might also want to pack a pair of earmuffs or a headband to keep your ears warm.

For footwear, make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes or boots as well as some thick socks. 

If you plan on doing any hiking, you'll need sturdy shoes with good traction. And don't forget your swimsuit if you want to take a dip in one of Iceland's many natural hot springs!

Footwear Options

Footwear Options

When it comes to footwear, you'll want to pack a variety of options to accommodate the range of activities you'll be doing in Iceland. 

For example, if you're planning on doing any hiking, make sure to pack a good pair of hiking boots or shoes. 

If you'll be spending time in the city, comfortable walking shoes are a must. And if you're planning on hitting the beach, don't forget to pack your sandals or flip-flops!


When it comes to toiletries, there are a few things you should pack for your trip to Iceland. First, make sure you have good-quality sunscreen. 

The sun can be strong in Iceland, even on cloudy days, so you'll want to protect your skin. Second, pack lip balm or Vaseline. 

The wind and cold can be harsh on your lips, so it's important to keep them moisturized. Third, bring along hand sanitizer and/or wipes. 

There are often limited resources for washing your hands in Iceland (especially in the rural areas), so it's good to have something to clean them with. Finally, don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste!

Technology Items You Should Bring

When planning what to bring on your trip to Iceland, don't forget to pack some essential technology items.

Here are a few things you should make sure to bring:

  • A good quality camera. You'll want to be able to capture all the amazing landscapes and scenery in Iceland, so make sure you have a good camera.
  • A laptop or tablet. These can be useful for planning your itinerary, researching attractions, and keeping in touch with family and friends back home.
  • An extra battery or portable charger. With all the photo-taking and social media posting you'll be doing, you'll need a way to keep your devices charged up.
  • A travel adapter. Iceland uses the standard European two-pin plugs, so you'll need an adapter if you're coming from North America or another country with a different type of plug.

Other Necessities and Extras to Pack

When you're packing for your trip to Iceland, don't forget to pack some other essentials and extras. Here are a few things you'll need:

  • A good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots: You'll be doing a lot of walking while you're in Iceland, so make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in.
  • A rain jacket or waterproof coat: It's always a good idea to have a rain jacket with you when you travel, and Iceland is no exception. The weather can be unpredictable, so it's best to be prepared.
  • An extra set of clothes: Even if you think you won't need them, it's always a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes. You never know when you might get wet or dirty from exploring all that Iceland has to offer.
  • A power adapter: If you're coming from another country, chances are your electronic devices will need a power adapter in order to work properly in Iceland. Make sure you pack one so you can keep your devices charged.
  • A camera: Iceland is an absolutely beautiful country, and you'll want to make sure you have a camera with you to capture all the amazing sights.


We hope this article has provided you with the ultimate packing list for your trip to Iceland. From cozy sweaters and warm boots for chilly days, to outdoor gear like a raincoat and sturdy shoes for exploring, it's important to pack the right items so that you can make the most of your vacation in Iceland. 

With these tips, you'll be sure to look great while enjoying all that this beautiful country has to offer!

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