Best Shell Collecting Beaches in South Australia

Explore South Australia's enchanting coastline and discover its remarkable shell collecting beaches, where seashell enthusiasts can indulge in their passion for marine treasures.

Enjoy in the beauty of these coastal havens as we unveil the type of shells found in Australian beach specifically in south Australia, inviting you to embark on a memorable quest for seashells.

1: Shell Bay Beach

Discover the seashell paradise of Shell Bay Beach, where soft sandy shores and shallow waters hold a treasure trove of beautiful sea shells similar available in the beaches of Victoria.

  • Cowries

  • Cockles

  • Scallops

With convenient facilities like parking and picnic areas, Shell Bay Beach is perfect for a relaxed day of shell collecting and seaside picnics.

Contact the City of Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre for more details and start planning your visit to this amazing place.

Address: Shell Bay Road, Port Elliot, South Australia.

2: Aldinga Beach

Aldinga Beach

The coastal charm of Aldinga Beach, renowned for its long sandy stretch and exposed rocky areas. The type of sea shells you will find in this beach are as follows:

  • Limpets

  • Periwinkles

  • Augers 

Take advantage of the nearby cafes for a refreshing break after a day of shell hunting, and enjoy the facilities provided, including parking and toilets.

Contact the Onkaparinga Council for any additional information you need to make the most of your shell collecting adventure at Aldinga Beach.

Address: Esplanade, Aldinga Beach, South Australia.

3: Almonta Beach - Coffin Bay National Park

Coffin Bay National Park -

Explore the untouched beauty of Almonta Beach within Coffin Bay National Park. While facilities are limited, camping in the national park allows you to fully involve yourself in the natural wonders and seashell treasures of Almonta Beach. The type of sea shell in this beach are:

  • Cockles

  •  Whelks

  • Razor Clams

For more information and park regulations, contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service and get ready for an unforgettable seashell collecting experience.

Address: Coffin Bay Rd, Coffin Bay SA 5607, South Australia.

4: Moana Beach

Moana Beach

Uncover the hidden treasures of Moana Beach, where a long sandy coastline and rocky areas reveal a captivating collection of different sea shells such as: 

  • Bubble Shells

  • Moon snails

  • Clam Shells.

Enjoy the convenience of nearby parking, toilets, and enticing cafes and restaurants, making Moana Beach an ideal destination for both shell collectors and beachgoers.

Contact the City of Onkaparinga to plan your visit and indulge in the beauty and abundance of seashells at Moana Beach.

Address: Commercial Road, Moana, South Australia.

5: Stansbury Beach

The coastal charm of Stansbury Beach offers sandy shores and rocky outcrops showcase an impressive variety of seashells. Stansbury Beach invites shell collectors to enjoy a day of beachcombing and seaside relaxation. The types of shells in Stansbury Beach are:

  • Cowries

For more information about this Yorke Peninsula gem, reach out to the Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Centre and start planning your shell collecting adventure.

Address: Stansbury Foreshore, Stansbury, South Australia.


Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious beachcomber, these shell collecting beaches in South Australia promise an extraordinary experience filled with natural wonders and cherished finds.