BEST Places To Visit in Australia 2023

Share Pin 5 1. Melbourne, FL. (South of Melbourne) The second largest city in Western Australia and Australia’s capital city, Melbourne, is located in the state of Victoria (Australia). It has an area of approximately 3,000 square kilometers (1,400 square miles) and a population of about five and a half million people. 

1- Melbourne Bridge Station

This large metropolis sits close to the Pacific Ocean. Here, tourists can enjoy a plethora of natural wonders, such as numerous beaches, lakes, and a variety of historical monuments, all within reach of Melbourne Bridge Station. Additionally, there is also plenty of shopping, including lots of food, arts, nightlife, and other attractions that make this a great place to shop for all the necessities. 

Amazing Places To Visit in Australia

You can also visit one of the few remaining Victorian public parks, Elizabeth Gardens. Furthermore, several cultural museums remain open during the day, making it the perfect location to explore to get inspiration from the past and look forward to the future. Aside from Melbourne, another city you might consider visiting is Sidney!

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This town, which is situated 25 kilometers south of Sydney, New South Wales, enjoys its own unique charm that makes it one of the coolest cities in the world. One of the main highlights of any trip to Sidney will be the impressive array of tourist attractions you can find. There is plenty to enjoy in the area. For example, Mount Albert Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Australia. It consists of 2 parts - Mount Albert and Mount Stanley - and both are located at least 14 thousand feet above sea level. 

Tourists are allowed to climb Mount Albert by using their climbing shoes and climbing ropes provided. Meanwhile, Mount Stanley consists of 4 peaks, namely Snowy Point, El Capitan, St Georges, and Chateau. When looking to explore the two sections, they only have a little over 9000 feet above sea level, so climbers should avoid them. Lastly, if you would like to see the amazing views of Mount Albert and Mount Stanley, check out these videos to enjoy the beauty of nature

2. Brisbane


Brisbane, QLD. (South Queensland, Queensland, Australia) Brisbane is one of the most popular places in Australia. Also known as the “Little Gold Coast” due to the abundance of tourism-related activities, in fact, the name “Gold Coast” comes from the nearby gold mining industry.

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Located on the coast of the river, Brisbane offers some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country. Moreover, the climate is very favorable for visitors. Due to its location, it allows visitors access to some major landmarks and events. For instance, during sporting events, you can find thousands of spectators to cheer you on in their teams. 

At the same time, after having had a relaxing day, you can go to the beach. According to experts from TourismHub, the first thing people want to do when going to the beach is to get in shape. They are doing this not only to show off their body but rather to improve their health! So, while enjoying the warm weather for a change, you can also grab some cold drinks and snacks.

Not only that, but you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with everyone else. Brisbane is also famous for its amazing food. Most families will definitely try their hand at the barbecue feast, where many dishes can be found.

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Another activity that visitors can enjoy in Brisbane is dining out. As for restaurants, there is a huge range of different cuisines in this part of the city. From street food to fine dining, the food scene in this area boasts some of the best culinary scenes in the world.

If you’d like more information about restaurant menus, you can always order online for delivery or takeout. In addition, another popular event in Brisbane is fireworks festivals. With this being such a big festival, you can expect millions of visitors. 

Thus, the city does offer a lot of great attractions when planning your holidays in the region. Apart from the exciting events and interesting tourist spots, the weather here is nice too, thanks to the rainforests along the coastline. In other words, you have everything your heart desires when traveling to the area. However, let us know in the comments if you’ve visited before or plan to shortly!

3. Adelaide, AU

Adelaide, AU. (South of Johannesburg) Adelaide is another city in Australia. It is a small city that is known for its sandy beaches. Some of the natural wonders of this area include the great Indian Ocean Estuary, and the Salisbury Plain, where you can find rare red and green hues in the soil. Along with natural beauties, such as waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and others, Adelaide also possesses some amazing industrial sites as well.

You can enjoy exploring some of the historic urban areas in this city as well, ranging from modern buildings to streets of old towns, which add value to old structures. Finally, Adelaide offers a wide spectrum of places to watch movies and TV shows. Therefore, once the heat starts to heat up, you would not want to miss this city even when you decide to visit.

4. Alice Springs, SW AUSTRALIA.

Alice Springs, SW AUSTRALIA. (Southwest of Kalangala) Alice Springs, also known as the “Lost City of the Gods” because of its magical and mystifying landscape, is an isolated mountain resort in the northern region of Western Australia.

Once you arrive here, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was once the site of several myths and legends. On any given day, you can observe hundreds of penguins lying and swimming among the ice surrounding the lake.

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In addition to having snow monkeys running around inside the rocks, you will be able to spot bats and even kangaroos. These animals could be seen throughout Australia, except for the Northern Territory and particular areas nearby. The place is surrounded by a vast expanse of green lands and lush greenery. Being a place that is full of flora and fauna, you can experience a completely opposite view.

But when visiting the place, you would also be able to see mesmerizing creatures like a bird, a snake, and even fish. All of this scenery combined in the center of the valley could transform how you view yourself and the world.

Moreover, you can always appreciate the spectacular views of wildflowers and greenery here, providing a nice contrast between nature and civilization. What you won’t be able to achieve is witnessing wildlife in live form. If you are wondering why animals can’t fly at all, then you may ask one question: why could they never come together? This is because the area is known to be the habitat for many extinct birds and snakes. 

This explains why we are seeing so many cases of snakes being caught sighted when living in new environments. The place is also known for its breathtaking nature when it comes to its landscape and flora. Therefore, whether you prefer to trek through the bushlands or sit in the sand, there is something to enjoy right here. 

It should also be noted that because of its unique qualities, Alice Springs is considered one of the ten best natural locations in the whole of Australia. The place, situated on the outskirts of Mount Buffalo National Park, has been chosen as a national park in 1991.

Even though it’s far north of the rest of Western Australia, this place has quite a bit of tourism potential when you plan your stay in the place. Plus, you can spend days here watching beautiful scenery, taking part in campfires, and watching the moonlight of a fire to keep you company.

5- Darwin, NT. (South of Port Douglas)

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, North Australia. Because of the region's history, the natives of this place were responsible for building the continent of today. The terrain in these regions is extremely suitable for camping and hiking.

Though with the increase in human activity, some of the wild animals in these regions have become extinct. That’s why it is essential to ensure that you respect the environment. While visiting the place, don’t forget to try exploring the various places of interest in the region. For example, it is advisable to explore the ancient rock formations in the area too. 

Next, try visiting Lake Burley Griffin and the Cradle Rock cave as you can witness the presence of the earliest humans and culture. Nowadays, more than just tourists come to admire the wildlife here and even watch the native Australians who live here every day.

The majority of Australians are mainly aware of the high chances of extinction of wildlife in particular. Thus, it’s important to protect our planet and encourage the locals to participate in protecting nature.


Which is the most beautiful place in Australia?

The most beautiful place in Australia is Sydney, Arnhem Land, Cradle Mountain, and the Great Barrier Reef.

What is the best month to go to Australia?

Although you can go any time to Australia the best months to go are September to November & March to May because the temperature is moderate and pleasant.


If your are planning trip to Australia then i hope this blog helps you alot. if you have any other questions or suggestions you can ask in the comments below.

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