10 Natural Wonders Of Nepal You Must See

Wonders Of Nepal

The world's tallest mountains, as well as dense forests, clear lakes, and unusual fauna, may all be found in Nepal, a nation rich in natural beauty.

10 Natural Wonders Of Nepal

The top 10 natural wonders that Nepal has to offer will be discussed in this article.

1. Mount Everest

Mount Everest

The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, stands 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) tall and draws thousands of trekkers and climbers each year.

Few people will ever forget the view from the top of the world or the journey it takes to reach Everest's base camp.

2. Annapurna Range

Annapurna Range

A group of mountains known as the Annapurna Range can be found in Nepal's north-central area. the variety.

Located in Nepal's north-central area, the Annapurna Range is a group of mountains. The range contains a number of peaks higher than 7,000 meters (22,966 feet), and the Annapurna Circuit walk is regarded as one of the top treks in the world.

3. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Southern Nepal's Chitwan National Park is home to some of the rarest and unusual animals in the world, such as 

  • Tigers, 
  • Rhinoceroses, 
  • Elephants
  • Sloth Bears.

Canoeing on the Rapti River, elephant-back safaris, and jeep safaris through the deep jungle are all available to park visitors.

4. Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park

Mount Everest is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Sagarmatha National Park. Visitors can go climbing, mountaineering, and trekking in the stunning Himalayan scenery because the park is also home to several additional peaks that rise above 6,000 meters (19,685 feet). and visitors can enjoy hiking, and beautiful Himalayan landscape.

5. Rara Lake

Rara Lake

The largest lake in Nepal is called Rara Lake, and it is situated in a far-off area of the country's west. The lake is in surrounded by pristine forests and snow-capped mountains and is a popular destination for trekking and camping

6. Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park

Some of Nepal's most breathtaking vistas may be seen in Langtang National Park, which is situated in the country's north-central area.

Additionally, the park is home to rare and exotic animals like 

  • Red Panda
  • Snow Leopard
  • Musk deer. 
The stunning and inaccessible valleys of Langtang are perfect for: 

  • Trekking, 
  • Hiking, 
  • Camping.

7. Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

The third-highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga, may be found within the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area in eastern Nepal.

The Himalayan black bear, red panda, and other rare and exotic species can be found in the protection area.

8. Shey-Phoksundo National Park

Shey-Phoksundo National Park

In Nepal's distant west, there is a national park called Shey-Phoksundo and has some of the most stunning natural settings in the nation.

The park is also home to Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal. It is encircled by snow-capped mountains and virgin forests. 

9. Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang

In the north of Nepal, there is a sparsely populated area known as Upper Mustang. The area has a variety of stunning vistas, including deep gorges, desolate plateaus, and snow-capped mountains.

In the stunning and secluded valleys of Upper Mustang, tourists can go trekking, hiking, and camping.

10. Kali Gandaki Gorge

Kali Gandaki Gorge

The Kali Gandaki Gorge is one of the deepest gorges in the world and is located in the western region of Nepal. 

The gorge is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the world, including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, and visitors can enjoy trekking, hiking.


1. What are some of the natural wonders of Nepal?

Nepal is home to some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the lush green forests and valleys, Nepal has it all. Here are just a few of the natural wonders you can find in Nepal:

2.   What activities are popular in Nepal?

Nepal is a country full of adventure, and there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular activities in Nepal:

Trekking: Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Nepal. You can explore the Himalayas and its many hiking trails, or even go on multi-day treks into rural villages.

Climbing: For those who are feeling daring, you can try your hand at climbing some of the world’s highest mountains. The Himalayas provide an incredibly rewarding experience for experienced climbers.


Nepal is a country with a diverse range of natural wonders that attract visitors from all over the world. 

Whether you are a trekker, wildlife enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates natural beauty, Nepal has something for everyone. 

From the highest peak in the world to the lush jungles of Chitwan National Park, Nepal's natural wonders are truly awe-inspiring.

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