5 Best Beach in St Augustine for Shells

St. Augustine, Florida, known for its rich history and beautiful coastal scenery, offers a unique delight for beachcombers and shell enthusiasts. While many visit this historic city for its landmarks and cultural heritage, its pristine beaches hold a hidden gem: seashells.

St. Augustine's Premier Beachcombing Destination

In this guide, we will embark on a journey to discover the best beach in St. Augustine for shells, unveiling a world where the tides bring forth a treasure trove of natural coastal wonders.

1. Vilano Beach

Location: North of St. Augustine,

Vilano Beach is a fantastic destination for shell enthusiasts. This picturesque beach offers a serene and less crowded atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for beachcombing and shell hunting.
When exploring Vilano Beach for shells, you can expect to find a variety of treasures washed up along the shore.

Types of Shells Found

  • Coquina shells
  • Clam shells
  • Scallops

The tranquil ambiance and minimal foot traffic increase your chances of discovering intact and beautiful shells.

Collecting shells in St Augustine Beach

As with any beachcombing adventure, the types of shells you encounter can vary depending on factors like tides, weather conditions, and recent storms.

It's always a good idea to bring along a container or bag to collect your seashell treasures while practicing responsible shelling by respecting local regulations and leaving live creatures in their natural habitat.

2. Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park in shell

Location: 300 Anastasia Park Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32080

As you explore Anastasia State Park for shells, you'll have the opportunity to discover a diverse array of treasures washed ashore by the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Type of Shell Found

  • Coquina shells
  • Lightning whelks
The park's unique ecosystems, including tidal pools and sandbars, provide prime shelling locations, where you can uncover a variety of seashells that reflect the beauty of the ocean.

Whether you're an experienced collector or simply looking to connect with the coastal charm of Anastasia State Park, the beaches here promise a rewarding and awe-inspiring experience.

3. Fort Matanzas Beach

location: Rattlesnake Island near St. Augustine, Florida.

This serene and less-crowded beach offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of more popular destinations, making it an ideal spot to search for seashells and enjoy the natural beauty of the coast. As you explore Fort Matanzas Beach for shells, you'll discover a wide variety of treasures waiting to be found.

Type of Shell Found

  • Lightning whelks
  • Sand dollars.
Fort Matanzas Beach is known for its pristine sandy shores, tidal pools, and sandbars, all of which create favorable conditions for shelling.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply looking to connect with the coastal charm of this secluded beach, Fort Matanzas Beach promises a rewarding and peaceful beachcombing experience.

4. Crescent Beach

Location : St. Johns County, Florida (Atlantic Ocean)

Crescent Beach, situated just south of St. Augustine, Florida,

This beach is great destination known for its wide sandy shores, gentle surf, and, of course, excellent shelling opportunities.

Type of Shell Found

  • Coquina shells
  • Moon snails
  • Colorful scallops
Crescent Beach also features tidal pools and sandbars, which are known hotspots for shelling. These natural formations provide opportunities to uncover an assortment of seashells, making each visit a delightful experience for collectors of all levels.

5. Inlet beach

Location: 100 Fort Matanzas Road, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

Inlet Beach, found in south Walton and Bay Counties, stretches from Bay County to the west, near the state park, and takes its name from Phillips Inlet.It's a true paradise for beach lovers, offering easy regional beach access where all you need for a perfect day is a beach chair, sunscreen, and a captivating book.
This charming coastal neighborhood beautifully marries the old and new. While cozy cottages evoke the nostalgia of Old Florida, modern accommodations, new restaurants, and upscale shopping inject fresh energy.
Type of shell Found

  • Moon Snails
Inlet's unique features, including shifting sands and sandbars, create prime shelling locations where seashells are often deposited by the tides.

You'll also find highly polished shell fragments here, a unique feature not often seen on Florida beaches.