7 Best Shell Collecting Beaches in Victoria

Shell Collecting Beaches in Victoria

Victoria, Australia, is blessed with a stunning coastline that is home to an array of beautiful seashells. 

Whether you are a passionate shell collector or a curious beachcomber, Victoria offers many beaches that hold hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. 

7 Best Victoria's Prime Shell Collecting Beaches

In this article, we will unveil the top six shell-collecting beaches in Victoria, guiding you through their unique features and promising an unforgettable experience for shell enthusiasts.

1. Sorrento Back Beach:

Sorrento Back Beach

Tucked away on the scenic Mornington Peninsula, Sorrento Back Beach is a paradise for shell collectors. 

Its rugged coastline, rocky outcrops, and tidal pools create the perfect habitat for diverse marine life, resulting in a remarkable selection of seashells.

Explore the sandy shoreline, and you may uncover delicate cowries, colorful periwinkles, and stunning scallop shells, making Sorrento Back Beach a true gem for shell enthusiasts.

2. Ninety Mile Beach:

Stretching along the Gippsland coast, Ninety Mile Beach is a breathtaking destination that beckons shell collectors with its untouched beauty. 

This seemingly endless stretch of sandy shoreline offers a wealth of seashells waiting to be discovered.

 As you wander the beach, watch for intricate :

  • Sand dollars
  • Elegant pectins
  • Intriguing cockle shells. 

4. Point Lonsdale Beach:

Point Lonsdale Beach

Point Lonsdale Beach is a captivating destination renowned for its unique seashell diversity. 

The beach's calm waves and sandy expanses create an ideal environment for shell accumulation. During your visit, you may stumble upon fascinating:

  • Moon snails
  • Beautiful razor clams
  • Exquisite periwinkles

5. Apollo Bay:

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay offers not only breathtaking coastal scenery but also a remarkable collection of seashells. 

This charming beach boasts a peaceful ambiance, allowing visitors to indulge in leisurely shell collecting. 

Apollo Bay's combination of stunning landscapes and abundant seashells creates an enchanting experience for every shell enthusiast.

6. Queenscliff Beach:

Queenscliff Beach

Situated at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay, This pristine beach, with its tranquil waters and sandy shores, provides an ideal location to discover unique seashells

Embark on a leisurely walk along the beach, and you may encounter fascinating:

  • Cockles
  • Striking conch shells
  • Intricate tulips

Queenscliff Beach promises a treasure trove of seashells, scenic views, and a peaceful atmosphere.

7. Portsea Beach:

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Portsea Beach captivates visitors with its sandy coastline and rich shell-collecting opportunities. 

This beach offers an abundance of seashells, including elegant cockles, captivating augers, and delicate clam shells. 

Take a relaxing stroll along the shore, bask in the beauty of Portsea Beach, and uncover an array of seashells that will leave you in awe.


Victoria's coastal landscape showcases an extraordinary variety of shell-collecting beaches, each with its own unique charm and hidden treasures. 

From the rugged shores of Sorrento Back Beach to the unspoiled expanse of Ninety Mile Beach, these destinations offer remarkable seashell diversity and unforgettable experiences for collectors. Point Lonsdale Beach, Apollo Bay.


Can you collect shells from the beach in Victoria?

Yes, you can collect shells from the beaches in Victoria.

What beach has the most seashells?

Beaches with rocky shorelines, tidal pools, and minimal human activity are more likely to have a higher concentration and variety of seashells.

Where can I find big shells in Victoria?

For larger seashells in Victoria, explore beaches with rocky formations, such as Sorrento Back Beach and Point Lonsdale Beach.