Best 5 Sandy Beaches in Key West

Key West, Florida, is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters, making it a popular destination for beach lovers. Fontainebleau State Park unveils a refreshing departure from the familiar Gulf coastline.

Here, the gentle embrace of three distinct water bodies—Lake Pontchartrain, Bayou Cane, and Bayou Castine—serves as a testament to the exquisite harmony of diverse ecosystems.

Exploring Key West's Sandy Beach

Here are some of the top sandy beaches you can explore in Key West. With its vibrant atmosphere and amenities like beach chair rentals and snack stands, it's a favorite spot for both locals and tourists seeking a fun-filled beach day.

1. Smathers Beach

Located within the vibrant Key West, Smathers Beach stands as one of the island's most expansive and beloved coastal treasures. This sandy expanse extends gracefully, offering a generous stretch of soft, pristine white sand that seems to stretch on forever.
With its inviting waters painted in clear shades of blue, Smathers Beach emerges as an aquatic haven, inviting beachgoers to wade comfortably into the sea's gentle embrace.
Here, the possibilities of aquatic adventures are endless, from tranquil swims to captivating snorkeling escapades.
Beyond its natural splendor, it's worth noting that this beach earned its name in honor of George Smathers, a respected U.S. Senator from Florida and a cherished friend of the esteemed President John F. Kennedy.

2. Higgs Beach

Situated near the White Street Pier, Higgs Beach offers a family-friendly environment. Its wide sandy shoreline invites visitors to relax, picnic, and play beach volleyball.

The beach also features a playground and is perfect for enjoying a laid-back day by the clear waters of Key West.

Compared to some neighboring beaches, Higgs Beach offers more sandy areas, although there are still some rocks and corals in the water.

For added safety, it's advisable to wear water shoes and use the stairs near the pier to enter the ocean, which also helps avoid most of the seaweed.

3. Rest Beach

Rest Beach, situated just 2 km from Key West settlement, offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.

The beach is adorned with trees providing refreshing natural shade and features soft sands, ideal for wading and collecting shells.

Additionally, Rest Beach is a favorite spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding, making it a haven for water sports enthusiasts.

With easy access, parking right on the beach, and a spacious coastline, this tranquil destination is perfect for various travelers seeking a peaceful and enjoyable beach experience.

4. Dog Beach

As the name suggests, Dog Beach is a pet-friendly paradise where dogs can roam freely off-leash and play in the sand and surf.

It's a delightful spot for dog owners to bond with their furry companions and enjoy the beach together.

The beach's welcoming atmosphere and wagging tails create a unique and heartwarming experience for all.Once you've enjoyed some beach activities, make your way to the nearby Louie's Backyard

This pet-friendly restaurant and bar are conveniently located next to the Dog Beach, offering a perfect spot to unwind with a cool drink and delicious food.

Treat yourself to a refreshing beverage and a tasty bite while enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and stunning beach views. Click here to explore dog friendly beaches in NSW.

5. Casa Marina Beach

Situated near the historic Casa Marina ensconced in the heart of Key West's tropical paradise, offers beachgoers an oasis of refined relaxation and upscale coastal amenities.

Here, every detail exudes elegance, from the plush sunbeds that beckon you to unwind to the tantalizing tropical drinks that tantalize your taste buds.

It's a beach experience that transcends the ordinary, promising a day of sophistication and indulgence along the shores of Key West.

Whether you're seeking solace in the gentle rhythm of the waves or yearning for a taste of the good life with a refreshing drink in hand, Casa Marina Beach is a destination that delivers an exquisite blend of luxury and beachside charm.


Does Key West have any sandy beaches?

When it comes to Key West's sandy shores, Smathers Beach takes the spotlight with its impressive half-mile expanse of soft, white sands, making it a top choice for beachgoers visiting the island.

Which side of Key West has the best beaches?

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, on Key West's southwest tip, is the ultimate spot for invigorating swims and enriching snorkeling, famous not just in Key West but throughout the expansive Florida Keys region.