Best Gold Coast Beaches for Swimming - Queensland

The Gold Coast boasts some of the finest beaches globally, ranking among the world's top surf and sand destinations. Renowned for its spectacular attractions and sunny climate, this Queensland paradise is an ideal setting to unwind and soak in the breathtaking natural scenery.

Exploring the Gold Coast's Beaches

With a plethora of options, including surfing, snorkeling, and swimming, the challenge lies in selecting the perfect beach to explore, akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

1. Tugun Beach

Address:    425 Golden Four Dr. Tugun Queensland 4224
Opening Hours:   Tugun Beach is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Water temperature:    The average water temperature for the year is 73°F (22°C).

Tugun Beach is a lengthy shoreline that undergoes a captivating transformation from north to south, revealing its diverse character.

Tugun Surf Life Saving Club takes its stand, a protector located 500 meters south of the intriguing Flat Rock formation. Nestled within a small foreshore reserve, this club boasts an impressive clubhouse, flanked by extensive parking areas on either side.

The tale of swimming conditions at Tugun Beach is one of contrast and complexity. The Flat Rock and Tugun section, with its intricate web of rip channels on the inner bar, presents the most challenging waters, where caution is paramount.

Here, a steadfast permanent rip greets Elephant Rock, and capricious smaller rips can materialize on either side of Flat Rock. Amidst this dynamic narrative, the patrolled domain of the Tugun Surf Club emerges as a sanctuary, a place where swimmers can enjoy the waves while leaving the hazards behind.

  • Bar
  • Eatery
  • Parking
  • Toilets

2. Bilinga Beach

Address: Bilinga, QLD, Australia 4225
Opening hours: Bilinga Beach is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Water temperature: The average water temperature for the year is 70°F (21°C)

Bilinga Beach is a peaceful spot on the Gold Coast, quieter than some other busy beaches. It's mostly loved by local residents, with about 50,000 people coming here each year.

People enjoy both the beach and the ocean here, but swimming is a bit more popular than surfing. The waves are usually gentle at Bilinga, which makes it great for a relaxing swim. Just remember to swim between the red and yellow flags, where it's safe.

You can find lifeguards at Bilinga Surf Life Saving Club on 257 Golden Four Drive for added safety.
Life Guard Club Timing

Bilinga Surf Life Saving Club, which patrols the beach, is only open on weekends between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. between September and April.

  • Bike racks
  • Path lighting
  • Beach showers.
  • Public and accessible toilets

3. Greenmount Beach

Address: 55 Eden Avenue, Coolangatta Queensland
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm daily
Water Temperature: Average water temperature of 27.2°C (81°F) 

Greenmount Beach, nestled in Coolangatta on the glorious Gold Coast of Queensland, is a coastal haven separated by the picturesque Greenmount Point. This idyllic beach, known for its sheltered shores and laid-back ambiance, ranks among the top five beaches on the Gold Coast.

It's a favorite destination for families, surfers, and nature enthusiasts. When the red and yellow flags are proudly displayed, it signifies that the beach is patrolled and safe for swimming, so be sure to stay between them.

With over 300 meters of pristine sandy shoreline, there's plenty of space to unwind. You can also savor a meal at the popular Greenmount Beach Surf Club, which offers delectable food, refreshing drinks, and breathtaking views of the Gold Coast skyline, splendid surf breaks, and the hinterland.

Alternatively, pack a picnic, bring a good book, and bask in the sun or relax under an umbrella for the perfect day by the sea.


  • Surf lifesaving club
  • Cafe
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms

4. Kirra Beach

Address: 10 Douglas St. Kirra, Coolangatta, Queensland 4225 Australia.
Opening hours: 24/7
Water temperaturesIn August to a maximum of around 82°F (28°C)

Kirra Beach, located on the northern edge of Coolangatta, is a cherished Gold Coast gem. While upcoming high-rise developments may change the landscape, Kirra's natural beauty remains, making it one of the area's best beaches.

It's a beloved spot for locals, offering safe swimming for all ages and excellent surfing opportunities.

On calm, wind-free days, Kirra shines, with a sandbank at the southern end that can create a peaceful swimming area, sheltered from the waves depending on the tide.

Lifeguards are on duty at Kirra Beach every day from November to April.

  • Playground
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Kiosk

5. Nobby Beach

Address                       :1 Hillcrest Parade, Miami QLD 4220, AUSTRALIA
Opening hour: Nobby Beach Surf Club is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
Water Temperatures: 16th of August, in the range of 19 to 22°C (66 to 72°F).

Nobbys Beach, a beloved destination in Newcastle, New South Wales, beckons swimmers, surfers, and sun-seekers to its welcoming shores. This eastern-facing beach is uniquely framed by the breakwall, with the iconic Nobby Headland gracing its tip.

What sets Nobbys apart is the captivating spectacle of massive coal ships gracefully navigating in and out of Newcastle Harbour as you take a refreshing dip. Beyond its aquatic allure, Nobbys Beach is cherished for its scenic beauty. With vistas extending to Nobbys and even the distant Port Stephens, it's a haven for families.

The beach boasts a generous expanse of shoreline, perfect for sandcastle-building, impromptu soccer matches, or simply unwinding on the sands.

For those craving a touch of activity, there are volleyball nets ready for spirited games. Nobbys Beach offers the ideal blend of relaxation and recreation by the sea. 


  • Patrolled
  • Toilets & Showers
  • Shade
  • Parking
  • Picnic Area
  • Kiosk
  • Disabled Accessibility
  • Nearest Playground

6. Mermaid Beach

Address: 40-44 Ventura Road, Mermaid Beach, Queensland, 4218, Australia.
Opening hour : Every Day & Night, 9am - 10pm
Water tempurature    : August and September (66-72°F)

The Handicap Surf Race at Mermaid Beach is a cherished Sunday morning tradition, a lively event that unfolds during the patrolling season at 8:15 am, continuing until the end of April 2023.

This swim isn't just about competition; it's a delightful club activity that adds a dose of fun to the weekends. To make the most of club amenities and equipment, such as boards, skis, boats, and bunk rooms, participation in at least one swim per month is mandatory.

The race rules are thoughtfully designed to keep the event engaging and fair, spanning approximately 400 to 600 meters and lasting a maximum of 12 to 14 minutes from the starting signal.

The calculation of handicaps has been adjusted for a more balanced impact on weekly results, with weather conditions playing a pivotal role.

The swim's early start at 8:15 am ensures it concludes before 9 am, allowing participants to partake in other exciting club activities that follow, including Junior Activities and water safety sessions.

  • Lifeguards on duty
  • Toilets
  • Outdoor showers


In the coastal embrace of the Gold Coast, each beach, from the iconic Surfers Paradise to the tranquil Tugun, offers a unique aquatic haven. With a blend of vibrant energy and serene retreats, the Gold Coast's best beaches for swimming promise an unforgettable blend of sun-soaked joy and coastal beauty, inviting all to dive into a world where every wave carries the essence of Australian paradise.

Best Gold Coast Beaches for Swimming FAQs

Can you swim at beaches on the Gold Coast?

Gold Coast beaches are supervised by surf lifesavers, so always swim between the red and yellow flags, and Rainbow Bay is a favorite for both swimmers and surfers.

What is the calmest beach on the Gold Coast?

Tallebudgera Creek is a top choice for families and locals, with its secluded bay and calm waters making it an ideal kid-friendly beach on the Gold Coast.