5 Best Beaches for shells on east coast


The East Coast of Australia is blessed with a plethora of stunning beaches, and for shell enthusiasts, it offers a treasure trove of discovery.

From Queensland to Tasmania, these shores are dotted with beaches that provide a haven for shell collectors.

Exploring the Best Beaches for Shells on the East Coast

In this article, we will delve into some of the best beaches on the East Coast to embark on a captivating seashell hunting adventure.

1. Cape Hillsborough:

Cape Hillsborough is renowned for its pristine white sand and thriving marine life. As the tide recedes, an abundance of seashells emerges on the shore, creating a playground for shell collectors.

From vibrant corals to unique shells and even the occasional sand dollar, Cape Hillsborough offers a delightful variety of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Some of the most common shells found on this beach include:

  • Coquina
  • Scallop
  • Periwinkle
  • Dog whelk
  • Moon snail
  • Atlantic cockle
  • Chlorostoma clam

The best time to go beachcombing in Cape Hillsborough Beach is during the low tide, when you'll have the best chance of finding shells that are not buried in the sand. You should also be aware of the tides, so that you don't get stranded on the beach when the tide comes in

2. Shelly Beach, New South Wales:

Shelly Beach

Nestled along the stunning Central Coast, Shelly Beach lives up to its name as a shell collector's paradise.

This beach boasts an impressive array of seashells, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide. As you wander along the shoreline, you'll come across a delightful assortment of shells, including colorful scallops, intricately patterned cowries, and dainty periwinkles. Shelly Beach is a true gem for any shell lover.

3. Narooma, New South Wales:

The charming coastal town of Narooma is not only famous for its stunning scenery but also for its abundance of shells.

As the waves crash against the rocky shoreline, they reveal a hidden treasure trove of shells during low tide.

Venture out to explore the fascinating rock pools and be rewarded with an assortment of shells, such as cockles, moon snails, and delicate cone shells.

4. Cape Conran, Victoria:

Cape Conran, Victoria

Located in the breathtaking East Gippsland region, Cape Conran offers a serene coastal escape for shell collectors.

This secluded beach provides ample opportunities to find an array of beautiful shells. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, and you'll come across an assortment of treasures, including colorful cockles, intricate whelks, and fascinating piddocks. Cape Conran is a hidden gem for shell enthusiasts.

5. Binalong Bay, Tasmania:

Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Tasmania's East Coast is renowned for its natural beauty, and Binalong Bay is no exception. With its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters, it provides a captivating setting for shell hunting.

As you explore the beach, keep a keen eye out for a variety of shells. From beautiful cowries adorned with mesmerizing patterns to exquisite abalone shells, Binalong Bay offers a captivating selection of seashells waiting to be discovered.


The East Coast of Australia is a haven for seashell enthusiasts, with its diverse range of beaches offering an abundance of treasures.

From the vibrant corals of Cape Hillsborough in Queensland to the intricate shells of Shelly Beach in New South Wales, and the secluded shores of Cape Conran in Victoria to the captivating beauty of Binalong Bay in Tasmania, these beaches hold the promise of unforgettable seashell hunting adventures.

So grab your beachcombing gear in the coastal beauty, and embark on a journey to uncover nature's delicate creations along the East Coast.