Best Beaches in Massachusetts for Swimming

Massachusetts, with its diverse coastline, is home to numerous breathtaking beaches that offer visitors the chance to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. 

For swimming enthusiasts, the state boasts several exceptional beaches with inviting waters and pristine shorelines. 

Whether you're looking for family-friendly spots, serene retreats, or vibrant atmospheres, Massachusetts has something to offer every beach lover.

List of the beaches in Massachusetts for swimming

In this article, we will explore some of the best beaches in the state for unforgettable swimming experiences.

1. Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

Located in the charming town of Eastham on Cape Cod, Coast Guard Beach consistently ranks as one of the finest beaches in the United States. With its striking beauty and impressive surf, it's a haven for swimmers seeking an exhilarating experience in the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach is known for its golden sands, and stunning views of the Nauset Marsh. Be sure to arrive early, as this popular spot tends to fill up quickly during the peak season.

2. Nauset Beach, Orleans

wooden bench placed in sand of nauset beach

Adjacent to Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Beach in Orleans is another gem on Cape Cod's coastline.It's an ideal destination for families and swimmers of all ages. 

The warm, shallow waters make it a safe haven for children, while the dunes and coastal vegetation add to the beach's natural charm. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a magical sunset over the Atlantic horizon.

3. Crane Beach, Ipswich

kids and families at crane beach

As part of the Crane Estate, Crane Beach in Ipswich is a pristine paradise that promises a tranquil and serene swimming experience. The gentle slope of the beach allows for comfortable wading into the inviting waters.

Surrounded by dunes and salt marshes, Crane Beach offers an immersive coastal experience for nature enthusiasts.

4. Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea

people relaxing at singing beach

Singing Beach is known for its fine, pure white sand that emits a melodic sound when walked upon, the beach offers a charming and almost magical atmosphere.

The clear waters and gentle waves make it a fantastic spot for swimming, and families will appreciate the lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

The beach's inviting ambiance and stunning views are perfect for a leisurely day by the sea.

5. Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

kids playing at good harbor beach

Located in the historic city of Gloucester, Good Harbor Beach is a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. The beach's soft, sandy shores are ideal for lounging, while the clean and calm waters create a safe and enjoyable swimming environment. Good Harbor Beach's vibrant atmosphere, coupled with amenities such as

  • Restrooms
  • Food vendors

6. Horseneck Beach, Westport

man and women at Horseneck beach

Situated on the shores of Buzzards Bay, Horseneck Beach offers a more secluded and tranquil swimming experience.

The beach's long stretch of soft sand provides ample space for beachgoers to spread out and enjoy the surroundings.

Its relatively calm waters are perfect for swimming and wading, and the refreshing breeze adds to the charm of this coastal paradise.

7. Old Silver Beach, Falmouth

sandy beach at old silver beach

In the town of Falmouth, Old Silver Beach is a classic Cape Cod destination known for its clear, sparkling waters and fine sand. This family-friendly beach attracts visitors of all ages, and is excellent spot for swimming and bodyboarding. The shallow waters near the shore create a safe environment for children to play and explore the tide pools.


Massachusetts offers an impressive array of beaches that cater to swimmers seeking unforgettable experiences. From the natural beauty of Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach to the tranquility of Crane Beach and Horseneck Beach, each destination has its unique charm.


  1. What are the best beaches in Massachusetts for swimming?

  2. Some of the best beaches in Massachusetts for swimming include Crane Beach, Singing Beach, Nauset Beach, Coast Guard Beach, and Horseneck Beach.

  3. Are there lifeguards on duty at these beaches?

  4. Many popular swimming beaches in Massachusetts have lifeguards on duty during the peak summer season. It's always a good idea to check with the specific beach to confirm the availability of lifeguards.

  5. Do these beaches have facilities like restrooms and changing areas?

  6. Yes, most well-maintained beaches in Massachusetts offer facilities such as restrooms, changing areas, and sometimes even shower facilities for visitors.