Best 5 Public Beaches in Minnesotadone

Minnesota's scenic landscape is dotted with a collection of captivating public beaches that beckon both locals and visitors alike. From the tranquil shores of serene lakes to the splendor of sandy coastlines, these public beaches offer a range of outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities. 

Exploring Minnesota's Pristine Public Beaches

Whether you seek sun-soaked shores, water adventures, or a peaceful escape amidst nature's beauty,

Minnesota's public beaches are a gateway to memorable moments by the water's edge

1. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, located in the charming city of Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota is along the shores of Lake Superior. Its rugged beauty and pristine shores attract visitors seeking a serene escape.
With its pebble-strewn sands and stunning vistas of the lake's expanse, the beach offers a tranquil setting for relaxation and contemplation. The iconic sea stack formations add to the allure, making it a popular spot for photographers.

Nature trails wind through the adjacent park, allowing for leisurely walks and exploration of the surrounding wilderness.

Some family-friendly activities include: 

  • Beachcombing for unique pebbles and stones.
  • Beach bonfires (if permitted) for a cozy evening gathering.
  • Birdwatching and observing local wildlife.

2. Square Lake Beach

Minnesota, Square Lake Beach offers a serene escape for beachgoers. With its clear waters and sandy

shoreline, it provides a perfect spot for swimming and leisurely dips. Surrounded by nature and away from the bustling city, Square Lake Beach invites visitors to unwind, soak up the sun, and embrace the calm waters of this charming lake.

Some family-friendly activities includes:   

  • Kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding on the calm waters
  • Fishing from the shoreline or on a boat
  • .Nature photography to capture the serene beauty of the lake

3. Phalen Beach

Situated in St. Paul, Minnesota, Phalen Beach offers a delightful oasis for those seeking lakeside relaxation. With its soft sandy shores

and clear waters, the beach provides an inviting space for swimming and enjoying the outdoors.

The scenic views of Lake Phalen and the surrounding greenery create a backdrop for visitors. Families

can take advantage of picnic areas and playgrounds, making it an excellent destination for a day of fun

and bonding. Whether you're seeking a peaceful escape or an active day by the water, Phalen Beach

caters to a variety of beachgoers.

Some family-friendly activities includes:   

  • Beach volleyball matches on the sandy shores.
  • Enjoying live music or events if hosted at the beach.
  • Participating in beach clean-up initiatives for environmental conservation.

4. Como Lake Beach

Como Lake Beach, located in St. PaulMinnesota. With its calm waters and scenic views, it's an ideal

spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

The beach's tranquil ambiance and well-maintained surroundings make it a perfect escape from the

city's hustle and bustle. Families can explore the nearby Como Park Zoo and Conservatory or simply

unwind by the lake, making Como Lake Beach a versatile destination for relaxation and recreation.

Some family-friendly activities includes

  • Birdwatching to spot various bird species around the lake.
  • Yoga or meditation sessions in the peaceful environment.
  • Outdoor painting or sketching inspired by the scenic surroundings.

5. Big Island Park Beach

Big Island Park Beach, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, presents a haven of relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. The beach is within a scenic park that offers walking trails, green spaces, and opportunities for nature exploration. Families can revel in a day of fun with playgrounds and open areas, while nature enthusiasts can appreciate the serene beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

Whether you're seeking water activities or a tranquil retreat, Big Island Park Beach caters to a range of

outdoor interests.

Some family-friendly activities includes:  

  • Frisbee, catch, or other beach games in open spaces
  • Barbecues and cookouts in designated areas (if allowed)
  • .Geocaching adventures for a unique treasure hunt experience


Minnesota boasts several public beaches, with notable options such as Park Point Beach in Duluth and Lake Calhoun Beach in Minneapolis, providing residents and visitors ample opportunities for enjoying swimming and recreational activities in the state's picturesque lake settings.


Does Minnesota have any beaches?

Yes, Minnesota has beaches, with notable ones like Park Point Beach in Duluth and Lake Calhoun Beach in Minneapolis, providing opportunities for swimming and recreation.

Can you swim in Minnesota?

Yes, you can swim in Minnesota, with numerous lakes and beaches such as those on Lake Superior's North Shore and popular spots like Park Point Beach in Duluth and Lake Calhoun Beach in Minneapolis.

Does Minneapolis have beaches?

Yes, Minneapolis has beaches, including popular ones like Lake Calhoun Beach, offering opportunities for swimming and recreation.