4 Best Swimming Beaches in New Jersey

New Jersey proudly showcases a bouquet of exceptional beaches, each bearing the hallmark of ideal swimming conditions. You'll discover the embrace of clean, inviting waters, setting the stage for aquatic adventures like no other.

What makes these coastal gems truly shine is not just the pristine backdrop but the tapestry of amenities they unfurl—a symphony of comforts and conveniences, designed to transform your beach day into an unrivaled, immersive experience of aquatic enjoyment.

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List of Swimming Beaches in New Jersey

The New Jersey best swimming beaches in cater to every preference, promising unforgettable experiences by the ocean. Below are the list of beaches located in New Jersey for swimming and other water support activity.

1: Belmar Beach

Belmar Beach offers a plethora of options to make the most of your aquatic adventure. The wide sandy stretch and inviting waters provide the perfect setting for a refreshing swim or a leisurely float.

Lifeguards are diligently stationed during specific hours, ensuring a safe environment for swimmers of all skill levels, making it a fantastic destination for families and individuals alike.

Life Guard Duty Time

Lifeguards are on duty at Belmar Beach from 9AM-5PM on weekdays and from 9AM-6PM on weekends and holidays during the beach season.

Water Temperature

During the summer months, the water temperature typically ranges from around 21°C to 24°C making it comfortable for extended periods of swimming and enjoyment.

Beach Hours

Belmar Beach is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, beach badges are required from 9AM-5PM on weekdays starting mid-June and from 9AM-6PM on Fridays, holidays and weekends beginning Memorial Day weekend.

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2. Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach unveils a delightful medley of activities that promise to ignite your beach day with excitement.

From the thrill of boogie boarding and the serenity of kayaking to the art of catching waves through surfing lessons and the spirited camaraderie of beach volleyball, this coastal haven invites you to craft your own adventure. 

As the summer sun graces the sky, Avalon Beach transforms into a bustling hub, drawing a crowd of approximately 36,000 beachgoers. They come to savor the expansive shoreline, tailor-made for cherished.

Water Activities

  • Swimming 
  • Fishing
  • Surfing

During these peak summer months, beach tags are a must for those aged 14 and above, while the younger generation, aged 13 and below, enjoys the gift of free beach entry—a warm invitation for all to partake in the seaside revelry.

Beach Hours

The hours are from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily.

3. Brigantine Beach 

This beach isn't just a stretch of sand and waves; it's a vibrant hub of activity and relaxation, offering a diverse range of experiences.

Dive into the refreshing waters for a swim or hop into a rowboat for an invigorating adventure. Youth clinics and accessible beach chair services ensure that everyone can partake in the fun. 

Located conveniently near Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and New York City, Brigantine Beach boasts a coastline that seems to stretch into eternity, inviting exploration and discovery.

Once you've felt the warmth of the sandy shores and breathed in the revitalizing ocean air, you'll understand why Brigantine Beach becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Swimming is permitted from June 15th to Labor Day between 10 am and 5:30 pm.

Water Activities:

  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Kite flying

Just remember to secure your beach badge for entry—a small price for the boundless experiences that await.

4. Margate Beach

When the summer sun graces Margate, a beloved oceanfront retreat just a stone's throw from Atlantic City, it casts a spell that beckons water sports aficionados far and wide.

Here, the coast comes alive with the energy of anglers seeking their oceanic catch and surfers riding the waves of excitement.

Amidst the aquatic thrills, Margate holds another treasure—the iconic Lucy the Elephant, an architectural marvel and a National Historic Landmark.
This colossal 65-foot pachyderm, constructed in 1881, stands as a testament to history and offers more than just awe-inspiring stature.

Inside, you'll find a quaint gift shop while the covered balcony atop grants you panoramic vistas of the adjacent beach—a journey that takes you from the depths of the ocean to the heights of beachside wonder.


Is it safe to swim in the ocean in New Jersey?

Yes, it is generally safe to swim in the ocean in New Jersey, but it's essential to be aware of local conditions, follow lifeguard guidance, and adhere to safety precautions.

Does NJ have the best beaches? New Jersey boasts some exceptional beaches, but whether they are the "best" depends on personal preferences. Each beach offers a unique experience, from family-friendly atmospheres to vibrant boardwalks and water sports.

What beach in New Jersey has the clearest water?

Ocean City Beach in New Jersey is often praised for its clear waters, making it a popular choice for those seeking pristine swimming conditions along the Jersey Shore.