Best Swimming Beaches in Ruskin

Ruskin, Florida, is a gateway to Florida's captivating coastal treasures. Although Ruskin itself lacks a beachfront, it opens the door to a multitude of Gulf of Mexico gems. With pristine waters, soft sands, and abundant water activities.

Swimming Beaches

Plan Your Ruskin Swimming Beaches Getaway

This guide will unveil the top swimming beaches near Ruskin, offering options for family-friendly outings, peaceful hideaways, and lively beachfront communities. Discover the Tampa Bay area's coastal allure for your next getaway.

1: Apollo Beach

The area located at 5804 Apollo Beach Blvd, FL 33572 encompasses seven acres dedicated to nature-based recreational activities. Among its attractions, there is a 2-acre sandy beach suitable for picnics and sunbathing. 

Additionally, visitors can access a 37-foot observation tower designed to accommodate wheelchairs, explore a brief nature trail, and enjoy excellent opportunities for shoreline fishing.

As for the water temperature at Apollo Beach, it exhibits seasonal variations. In the winter months, the water temperature can drop to as low as 65° Fahrenheit, providing a cooler experience.

In contrast, during the summer, the water temperature can rise to as high as 89° Fahrenheit, offering a warmer and more comfortable aquatic environment.

Some of the most common types of ammonites found in Apollo Beach include:

  • Baculites
  • Turrilites
  • Scaphites

2: Little Harbor Beach

Address: Own Hall. 54 Marion Rd. Wareham, MA 02571.

Little Harbor Beach, located in Wareham, offers a delightful setting for nearby residents to partake in swimming and relaxing day along the shore.

On one side of the beach, a serene salt marsh beckons exploration on foot or by kayak, while on the opposite side, expansive vistas of water and sky greet visitors, providing a refreshing experience along the breezy shores of Buzzards Bay. 

Little Harbor Beach, positioned at 133rd place among Massachusetts' beaches, is roughly 77.4 km away from downtown Boston. It forms part of the Onset settlement and is a mere 2.3 km from Onset's core. This beach is situated in an urban area.

Little Harbor Beach, positioned at 133rd place among Massachusetts' beaches, is roughly 77.4 km away from downtown Boston. It forms part of the Onset settlement and is a mere 2.3 km from Onset's core. This beach is situated in an urban area.

This shoreline boasts ample space and features clear, turquoise waters with a sandy and pebbly shoreline, meaning there's no need for special footwear. The gradual entry into the water makes it suitable for various beachgoers, whether you're travelling solo or seeking a serene getaway. Little Harbor Beach tends to be less crowded during the peak season.

Beyond swimming and sunbathing, there are other activities to enjoy as well. Access to Little Harbor Beach is convenient as it's located very close to the road, and there's parking available directly on the beach.

3: Clearwater Beach

Address: W End of State Rd 60,Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 Clearwater Beach and its surroundings in Florida are among our top beach destinations. This area offers a plethora of enjoyable activities, with the beach being an excellent spot for swimming. To make the most of your beach vacation, it's advisable to acquaint yourself with the water temperature at Clearwater Beach.

Sea temperatures can significantly influence your beach experience. 

Even if you plan to visit Clearwater during the cooler winter season, you can still have a fantastic time on its beaches. The average temperature remains sufficiently warm for swimming for most people year-round, especially on sunny days.

The average sea temperature does vary throughout the year, but it generally never drops below 64°F, maintaining average ocean temperatures above 70°F throughout all seasons. If you're not venturing far into the water, you can expect the sea surface temperature to be pleasantly warm.

4: Treasure Island beach

This beach, Located at 11260 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, stretches along the coast all the way to Aliso Creek in the south. As you venture away from the main access point, you'll find more space and solitude.

If you head in the southern direction, you'll encounter a sandy sea floor, which is perfect for swimming. On the northern end, there are noticeable rock formations that break the waves.

Activities that are popular here include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring tide pools, and various other beach-related pastimes.

While the beach has a generous sandy area, it can get quite crowded, particularly on weekends or during the hot summer days. This beach primarily features a sandy bottom with surf characterized by shore-breaks. 

Treasure Island is positioned between Madeira Beach to the north and St. Pete Beach to the south. The island is fully developed, with a mix of commercial and residential areas. Along the beachfront, you'll find resorts and condominiums with relatively low to moderate heights.
While the area doesn't offer much in terms of natural surroundings, it does provide convenient beach access, although it's no longer free to access.

5: Anna Maria Island

Address: Wesley & Coast Hwy. Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Anna Maria Island, renowned for its laid-back charm and natural beauty, sets the stage for the 4th Annual AMI Hogfish Swim.

This hidden gem boasts a seven-mile stretch of pristine white sand beaches along the turquoise Gulf of Mexico, making it a beloved spot among the Salty Fam.

Whether you're venturing into open water swimming for the first time, aiming for a new distance record, or preparing for upcoming longer-distance events and triathlons, this swim provides the perfect opportunity.
With a diverse menu of activities available throughout the weekend, it's an event suitable for day-trippers or those seeking a race-cation experience.


Ruskin's beaches offer a diverse range of experiences, from the tranquil shores of E.G. Simmons Park to the luxury of Little Harbor Beach Resort, the natural beauty of Bahia Beach, and the unique wildlife encounters at Apollo Beach. 

No matter your preference, Ruskin's coastal treasures invite you to dip your toes into an unforgettable aquatic adventure. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and discover the best swimming beaches in Ruskin for an unparalleled seaside escape. Your next aquatic paradise awaits on Florida's Gulf Coast.


What is the closest beach to Ruskin?

The closest beach to Ruskin, Florida, is Apollo Beach, located on the eastern shore of Tampa Bay, just a short drive away.

Why is there no swimming at Apollo Beach?

Swimming is discouraged at Apollo Beach, Florida, due to strong currents, murky water, and potential hazards, making it unsafe for swimming.