Best Places to Visit in North Cyprus Landscape

North Cyprus has a mixed history. The island was originally occupied by the Greeks until they were forced out in the early twentieth century. The Ottoman Empire then ruled North Cyprus until 1918 when it was split between Turkish Cypriots and British forces.

Turkish Cypriots were then subjected to an ethnically driven population transfer, making them a minority of the population. This led to tensions in the region that are still being felt today. Despite this tumultuous history, North Cyprus still retains significant cultural diversity and natural beauty that draws visitors from around the globe.

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North Cyprus is a land of contrasts and surprises, from hidden beaches and mountain wildernesses to bustling towns and ancient ruins. With its diverse geography, North Cyprus offers something for everyone; from nature walks to diving or trekking, from mountain biking to sightseeing on horseback or in hot air balloons!

Best Places to Visit on the North Coast of North Cyprus

Hemşin is located on the North Coast of Northern Cyprus in the Nicosia District. Hemşin is located in a natural bay just off the North-West coast of Cyprus.

North Coast of North Cyprus

In 1892, during Ottoman rule, Turks from the coast migrated to Hemşin and created their own fishing village. The name Hemşin comes from an old Turkish word "hemşî" meaning "coast" or "beach". The most popular attraction in Hemşin would be its locally-caught fish selection at many cafes and restaurants on the beach.

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Annually, there are two festivals at Hemshîn: Old Town Day and Fisherman's Day

Best Places to Visit in Kyrenia and Famagusta Districts of North Cyprus

In the North Cyprus Republic of Turkey, there is a small piece of land near the world’s oldest battlefield that you will want to see. The Kyrenia District, the Famagusta District, and the surrounding areas are some of the best places to visit.

Kyrenia and Famagusta Districts of North Cyprus

There are plenty of serene and peaceful places in this area where you can go hiking or just enjoy nature. There might be some more active pursuits you would enjoy as well - like mountain biking or running on one of these scenic paths.


How beautiful is Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is the part of the island with the most beautiful sandy beaches

What part of Cyprus is the nicest?

Hemşin. And it is located in a natural bay just off the North-West coast of Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus like Turkey?

North Cyprus is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) or KKTC in the Turkish language.


North Cyprus is a scenic place to visit, with spectacular scenery and beaches. In the end, most tourists should have a great time visiting North Cyprus.

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